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At BG Group we focus on providing, among other things, the advice and support necessary to ensure our clients a healthy relationship with government authorities.

Foreign Trade

We provide a quality service aimed at risk management in the…


The comprehensive vision of BG Group allows us to provide a technical advisory service according to…


We design and implement solid structures that help identify and evaluate areas…

Fiscal Services

Review of the Value Added Tax and the presentation of the request for the refund.

BG Group ® has a team of professionals in different areas.

Foreign Trade, providing knowledge and experience on issues such as good governance, best practices, social responsibility, regulatory compliance, all this with a vision of strategy and business development.

Adapting a regulatory compliance plan to the different cultural environments in which we operate and to the diversity of our workforce is essential to facilitate the involvement of all company resources towards a true culture of compliance.



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Constancy and discipline

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a fundamental part of our success.


Essential for both parties to achieve positive results.


We act honestly, consistently in our decisions and actions.


In everything we do related to our work and committed to clients.

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