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20 years of experience in tax, customs and IT matters.

We are a legal consulting firm specialized in Foreign Trade.


We are a legal consultancy firm specialized in Foreign Trade, within which its partners have accumulated an average of 20 years of experience in tax, customs and IT matters. We focus on providing, among other things, the necessary advice and support to ensure our clients a healthy relationship with government authorities.

BG Group® has a team of professionals in the various areas of Foreign Trade, providing knowledge and experience in issues such as good governance, best practices, social responsibility and regulatory compliance, all with a vision of strategy and business development.

The implementation of policies adapted to the business environment, the monitoring and inspection of processes, the risk analysis system, communication and comprehensive training are factors that guarantee the continuous improvement of an efficient strategic compliance plan, adding a competitive advantage: “The control of regulatory and normative risk, its immutable review and its mitigation, appropriate to its activity and its environment”.

The added value that we offer our clients is the possibility of shielding their foreign trade operations, as well as all the products and services that BG Group® offers, are thought of as effective solutions to real problems, without excluding the human side of the labor relationship. .

Adapting a regulatory compliance plan to the different cultural environments in which we operate and to the diversity of our workforce is essential to facilitate the involvement of all company resources towards a true culture of compliance.

Our experience and technical knowledge allow us to offer multinational clients specific cultural adaptation services, ethical codes linguistics, codes of conduct, compliance policies, training and communication plans, in order to ensure that your compliance message is perfectly understood. by its employees, strategic partners, suppliers and customers in all the markets where it operates.

We provide a quality service aimed at managing risk in the transnational operations of your products, we design and implement solid compliance structures that help the company identify and evaluate areas of opportunity, in order to achieve greater transparency in its environment. commercial.

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Mario A. Cortés & Edgardo Romero


Team BG Group


Tania Mora

CEO Aux.

Gerardo Mendoza


Alfredo Perez

Web Developer

Angelica Rodriguez

Trade Compliance Jr.

Fernando Estrada

Legal Area Leader

Jocelyn Vazquez

Trade Compliance Jr.

Luis Mateo


Rogelio Viloria Beltran


Roxana Padilla

Trade Compliance Jr.

Roberto Morales

Trade Compliance Jr.

Karen Eriquez

BMS Consulting

Gustavo Basilio

Trade Compliance Jr.

Griselda Castillo

Project Management

Giselle Garcia

Trade Compliance Jr.

Alejandro Montoya

Trade Compliance Jr.

Edgar Aguilar

IT Support

Azucena García

Desktop Developer

Yaridt Rodriguez

Accounting Advisor

Hugo Garcia


Yessica Cervantes

Trade Compliance Jr.

Jose Alvarado

BMS Consulting

Mauricio Garcia

Internal Auditor

Jacinto Romero

Loan Officer

Karla Gonzalez

BMS Consulting

Brenda Borboa

Trade Compliance Sr.

Sandra Ornelas

BMS Consulting

Sergio Romero

3PL & Logistics

Osiris Gomez

Accounting Advisor

Cesar Madrid

BMS Consulting

Emilia Varela

Legal Advisor

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