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Our objective is to achieve the automation of Foreign Trade processes and operations.

Under the new global environment of economic acceleration, multinational companies are obliged to align the basic principles to eliminate potential operating risks associated with foreign trade, related to increasing efficiency, ensuring transparency, and minimizing risks to compliance. the correct linking of information technologies to customs areas and global customs compliance processes.

BMS offers its customers a variety of tools (BMS Suite), in desktop, web, and app mode, user-friendly and high performance in its processes in the different products, which at some point are associated with compliance objectives. Our technologies continue to evolve and adapt new business models that, with the experience of our consultants, we manage to implement the best work environment to align ourselves with the objectives of each client.

In this sense, BMS is a leader in Global Trade and Customs Compliance Software solutions that ensures the efficient management of Compliance within the legal framework. Additionally, this is supported and facilitated by our team and partners on global compliance issues.

BMS is a specialist in integrating a global customs and trade compliance system, meeting regional and national requirements. BMS offers customizable software solutions for operation and compliance with customs regulations, which supports both multinational and multiregional clients.

Customs Compliance and Risk Control Software.

✅ Complies with Annex24

For each and every one of the modules described within the customs regulations, BMS offers you all its modules so that you can exploit all its resources and not fall into non-compliance.

✅ EDI Files

Stay connected at all times with your business associates for the dispatch of merchandise, the electronic connection is no longer an option and BMS is ready to transmit each operation through web services.

✅ Operations Reports & Cristal Report

Keep up to date with the system’s more than 100 reports and the ease of using Crystal report, has helped companies become self-sufficient when making a business decision.

✅ MRP/ERP Integration

The importance of integrating processes is transcendental in recent years, BMS Software® has the capacity to integrate at least 10 automatic transactions to optimize communication and minimize capture errors. The objective will always be to have certainty in the data and reduce risks in logistics operations.

✅ Complies with Annex30

BMS facilitates the creation of electronic documents for the fulfillment and validation of your operations for the 15th, per month, or every two months. Do not stop complying with your CIVA if your current provider does not have the experience.


The advantage and benefit of having the module active is being able to comply at all times with any CF28 requirement by American customs. This is through the historical data warehouse in the different catalogs within the system.

✅ BMS licenses

BMS allows you to have multiple licensing models, on-demand, 1 user, or up to 150 users with multiple databases. All without exception, have the modules open for your operation.

✅ We guarantee the best performance in the analysis and backflush process

The Software engineering that we have developed with BMS Software®, allows us to have traceability of any customs transaction correlated to the import or export entries.

The analysis times and clearance processes are the best in the market, which will allow us to make business decisions in a short time, without neglecting the requirements of the customs authorities.

Success stories.

+150 users
+ Electronic communication.
+ Warehouse electronic alerts.
+ 35 databases per Tax ID
+ 50K Import-Export Operations.
+15 Mill lines in backflush logs

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