Fiscal Services


Review of the Value Added Tax and presentation of the Refund Request.

The traditional approach is limited to the review of the determination and request of the balance in favor of the value-added tax, this is supported by the operations carried out by the company so that it complies with all the guidelines and requirements established by the tax authority.

The services and activities to be carried out are the following:

  • Review of operations that comply with their accounting records, that are in the corresponding period, and comply with the corresponding accounting regulations.
  • Review of operations that meet current tax requirements.
  • We will review the determination of the balance in favor of the value-added tax.
  • We will review the informative statement of operations with third parties represented by the company, and that matches what is presented in the corresponding monthly statement, submitted to the SAT on its portal.
  • We will submit the request for the corresponding balance in favor of the months indicated by the company.
  • We will follow up until we get a response from the authority.

All the above points will be reviewed and verified based on the Financial Information Standards and tax requirements that are currently in place.

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