4 good practices in the Fulfillment process, which are key in any online sales strategy:

  1. Having the right personnel: This will be essential since they are the ones who will be in charge of the tasks of planning, verification, preparation and coordination of orders.

These tasks can be carried out with your own team or delegated to third parties, as we will mention later.

  1. Development of processes for order management: They are directly related to the stock management strategy, storage and distribution of products.

There will be differences according to the stage of the business or the category. However, there must always be procedures that guarantee the established preparation and delivery times, in turn allowing incidents or errors that arise at the last minute to be resolved.

Facilitate reverse logistics in cases of returns

  1. Execution of the planned tasks: For this, it is important to continuously monitor these tasks and monitor some indicators to measure their efficiency.

Some of the most used solutions that can be easily integrated with ROVICO are AVATTIA, ZETTLE

  1. Resolution of incidents: There will always be situations in which we will not be able to have control and for this it will be necessary to take action to resolve them. Being aware of any emergency situation is crucial to be able to anticipate these situations.

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