Trade Agreements


Mexico is one of the countries with the most openness in the international commercial sphere and, proof of this is the various trade treaties and agreements signed with different countries of the world. Each of them has the purpose of offering Mexican entrepreneurs preferential import and export opportunities, thus promoting the competitiveness with which they operate in global supply chains.

At BGC, we are specialists in providing specialized consulting for the implementation and management of the different commercial treaties and agreements, guaranteeing their legal compliance and enhancing the benefits they represent in the operation of each of our clients.

  • Review and creation of records of the origin of the merchandise.
  • Design of formats for origin requests.
  • Management of origin requests for national suppliers.
  • Audit of origin determination and certification processes.
  • Review and analysis of compliance with rules of origin.
  • Management of registration of eligible products and obtaining certificates of origin.
  • Feasibility analysis and identification of preferential tariffs.
  • Correlation of tariff fractions with regional nomenclatures (ALADI).
  • Advice on customs procedures to obtain tariff preferences.
  • Request for advance resolutions.
  • Resolution of verifications of origin.

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